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Optimized Network Management Solution for IT Administrators

N-Partner Technology Ltd. Co., founded in 2011 in Taichung, Taiwan, specializes in big data collection, storage and analysis, and AI and abnormal analysis.

All of our core members have over 20-year experience in network operation and software development, and we have professional experts in network, cyber security, operating system and Kernel, hardware and VM ware, C language, PHP/Java, database, big data and cloud architecture, art and design, etc.

Big Data Collection for Analysis and AI learning, Making Network Management More Effective and Effortless

Build N-Partner solution in the center of an organization or a unit, and it will collect complete SNMP(device health), Flow(traffic usage), and Syslog(log including security events) to do correlation and analysis. With it, IT administrators can view network status fully and clearly, and do not have to do cross-reference or query manually, saving much time. Also, N-Partner has built-in AI analysis, we can do auto learning to build a baseline with the received Syslog and Flow data. By comparing Syslog and Flow data of each minute, we find out threshold value and detect abnormal hit count, packet or byte and find their event name, source IP(normally attacker) and destination IP(normally victim). Users can know every detail in Home network without spending time setting each threshold manually; IT operation and security protection can be simpler.

N-Partner, a Perfect, Next-generation Partner for IT Administrators

By doing SNMP, Flow and Syslog correlation and AI analysis for auto learning, IT administrators can have a clear vision of network situation and effective management. Our products have been applied by plenty educational networks, multinational corporations, and telecommunications as operation platform for network security. By now, N-Partner has expanded the business scale to China and Southeast Asia, becoming the most useful helper for IT administrators all around the world.

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