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N-Cloud provides a log management and analysis center of Home network for IT administrators. Cloud computing architecture and NoSQL are used in N-Cloud for high processing efficiency, up to hundreds of thousands of, even millions of, EPS(Events Per Second). It is also with high expandability and the ability for lots of people to use simultaneously and is the very first to be used as SaaS Service with both NOC and SOC.

Advantages of N-Cloud

  • Centralized management of log data from various network devices
  • Hierarchical management and flexible structure
  • Built-in intelligent analysis for auto learning and trend analysis
  • Can be easily extended anytime
  • Collaborative defense with devices from different brands

N-Cloud collects and analyzes Syslog data from different brands and devices; also, it uses hierarchical management for users to create independent domains for each branch and department. This way, each domain has its own log management platform and can only view the data of their own, while IT managers in headquarter can check all event logs of the corporation in a global view to ensure the network in all domains is secure. N-Cloud meets users’ needs and complies with the Personal Information Protection Act, and it has been used in public service organizations, enterprises, multinationals, educational organizations, telecoms with valued cloud service, etc.

Collects Syslog from Different Brands and Devices, a Centralized Data Management Center

  • Collects Syslog data from network devices (router, switch), security devices (firewall, IDP/IPS, web cache appliance, WAF, UTM), servers, databases, and mainframes.
  • Collects Flow data of various formats like Netflow, jFlow, sFlow, etc.
  • Users can compare different data to view network status and do network security analysis.

Hierarchical Management, More Flexible Structure for Large Enterprises

  • N-Cloud uses hierarchical management for users to create independent domains for each branch and department in a corporation.
  • Each domain can only view its own Syslog/Flow and make own exclusive reports.
  • IT managers in headquarter can view analysis in Global view and monitor traffic and usage of each unit.
  • Hierarchical structure for management to keep security status of Home network in hand, fitting large enterprises’ needs.

Collaborative Defense Solves Anomaly in 3-5 Minutes

  • N-Cloud builds a baseline based on received security events and Flow data, detecting abnormal burst and sending real-time alerts.
  • After receiving abnormal alerts, IT administrators can check the attacker and send blocking commands to IPS/FW/Switch/Wireless to do collaborative defense.

Built-in Intelligent Trend Analysis, Simplifying IT operation

  • With intelligent analysis, able to detect abnormal events and IP in received Syslog/Flow data in realtime, and then send alerts.
  • With behavior-based monitoring and analysis, users can know all details in Home network without guessing nor setting each threshold value manually.
  • N-Cloud is an event query and report making system with powerful functions, and it is also an analyzer that can do actual trend analysis.

Conform to Audit Regulations

N-Reporter conforms to the internationally recognized encryption standard, FIPS 140-2, SHA-256 and DES-256, ensuring integrity and nonrepudiation of the data.