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Still purchasing tools for network management, traffic analysis, and log separately?

Still spending lots of time and effort doing network management even with all the tools?

N-Reporter provides a complete version for network status, simplifying management.
Optimized Solution for Analysis and Management

N-Reporter Combines Management and Analysis in One Platform

  • Syslog- device data storage/audit/query
  • Flow(Netflow / sFlow) analysis
  • Data correlation and security management
  • Abnormal behavior real-time analysis
  • Various built-in reports and real-time monitoring

The most outstanding, powerful, and user-friendly report system
and analyzer that correlates Syslog and Flow.

Keep Complete Network Usage in Hand, Saving Time and Effort

N-Reporter differs from other reporters. It can collect, store and analyze Syslog/Flow data for query and report making; moreover, it correlates L3/L4 packet/byte from Flow with L7 events from Syslog. Also, N-Reporter supports Syslog from different brands and devices. It normalizes complex, long Syslog data and put them in a tidy form; IT administrators can know completely about every detail in Home network. What is more, N-Reporter is with AI analysis and auto-learning. It builds baseline automatically and sends real-time alerts; users do not have to set each threshold value manually and can make various reports with the analysis function. N-Reporter meets organizations’ needs for management, analysis, and audit, making IT operation much simpler and more effective.


Short Searching Process, Showing Full History Record

Tests in real environments show that N-Reporter can collect up to 20,000 Syslog data per second without dropping.

  • Analyzes 10 million Syslog data and makes Top 1,000 reports in only 48 seconds.

  • Finds one single or multiple IP from 100 million Flow records in only 250 seconds.

  • With Flow module, N-Reporter can collect up to 10,000 Syslog data per second.

  • Flow module of the highest level can collect more than 20,000 Flow records per second.

Built-in Intelligent Trend Analysis, Simplifying IT operation

  • With intelligent analysis, able to detect abnormal events and IP in received Syslog/Flow data in realtime, and then send alerts automatically.
  • With behavior-based monitoring and analysis, users can know all details in Home network without guessing nor setting each threshold value manually.
  • N-Reporter is an event query and report making system with powerful functions, and it is also an analyzer that can do actual trend analysis.

Conform to Audit Regulations

N-Reporter conforms to the internationally recognized encryption standard, FIPS 140-2, SHA-256 and DES-256, ensuring integrity and nonrepudiation of the data.