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N-Reporter/N-Cloud has one-year warranty since the purchase date.
From the second year, user can buy an extended warranty as months or years. During warranty period, we provide the following services :

1. During warranty(MA) period:

Technical Support

When having problems about our products, user can call, send an E-Mail, or send instant message to our professional technician.
Help user do error detection and test to our product; deal with them if any defect is reported.
Online basic instruction of how to operate the system.
If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or by e-mail, we can connect to user’s device remotely to debug.
Keep track of the issues until they are resolved.
Service hours: 09:00 ~ 20:00 on weekdays.

Product Maintenance

Under the premise that we can connect to user’s device remotely, we provide inspection and maintenance. If the device needs further repairing, we help user with the maintenance process.
Help user send N-Partner product that needs repairing back to us to find the root cause and for maintenance.
We promise to spare no effort to save the data in user’s device; however, there may be data loss during maintenance. We suggest user also buy Raid Card when purchasing N-Reporter/N-Cloud.
If we find that the hardware has to be traded, N-Partner should trade the host with identical or upper specification for the malfunctioned one. N- Partner will take back the malfunctioned machine.
Except for inventory shortage of components, the maintenance procedure should be completed in five days.
N-Partner will pay the shipping fee.

Product Upgrade

During warranty period, when N-Reporter/N-Cloud can connect to the internet, user can upgrade the system online whenever necessary. As for N-Reporter/N-Cloud not able to connect to the internet, user can manually download the latest firmware and then upgrade the system offline.
N-Partner will send upgrade information to user on irregular basis.
For user having concerns about upgrading, N-Partner can help upgrade the system remotely.
If any problems happen during upgrading, N-Partner can remotely help solve them or recover it to the previous version.

2. Warranty expired:

For the product no longer under warranty:

N-Partner will not provide technical support.
When the product is malfunctioned or on the blink, N-Partner will not provide maintenance.
User will not be able to upgrade the system.
Before applying for new warranty, user will have to make up the repair fee. Please make contact with us for more details; the contact information is in the last page.

3. This warranty does not cover:

Damage of the maintenance product caused during shipping because of negligent packing.
Damage caused by natural disasters, fire, flood, or other events of force majeure.
Man-made damage, malfunction caused by misuse, and damage, rust, or breakdown caused by wear and tear instead of the product itself.
The products have been maintained or disassembled by those technical staffs N- Partner does not authorized, or damage caused by using the components which are not certified by N-Partner.
Those identified as non-official products without standard serial number.